How It Works

The figure above illustrates Iṣọkan common field mapping of third-party applications into Daraa’s unifying commerce engine that regularly syncs to ensure stable data pipelines.

Daraa is the category-defining Fulfillment Gateway. Daraa offers a technology platform that serves as a retail distribution intermediary in digitally driven commerce transactions. It enables in-person and online businesses to offer several post-purchase retail distribution experiences—pickup, returns, and delivery—in a secure and efficient manner. The fulfillment gateway bridges the gap between consumers, brands, and brands’ various commerce enablement tools to ensure seamless omnicommerce transactions. Daraa provides various APIs to make it easy and quick to embed our more fulfilling shopping experiences directly into your product or shopping experience.

The Technology

Daraa Iṣọkan relies on inventive instrumentation for queueing, field mapping, monitoring, and more ensuring data pipelines are in sync, up to date, and enriched.

With Daraa Iṣọkan unified API and embedded fulfillment iPaaS your data is consistent across all applications meaning you can build a Shopify or Square integration for your application in minutes and instantly apply that work out of the box to Adobe Commerce, Webflow, BigCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Recharge, Klaviyo and others like Ron Popeil. Set it and integrate it!