The Neighborhood

Explore Daraa’s Developer Neighborhood. This begins with our unifying commerce API, Iṣọkan. It’s designed to give you back time and economics while providing synthesis across your development processes.

Welcome to Daraa’s documentation for our developer-first, unifying commerce REST API, Daraa Iṣọkan. If the terms iPaaS or unified API are foreign to you, don’t stress, we got you.

Some Vocab

An Example with Mona

We love Mona’s coffee. She sells the best beans wholesale, DTC, and across 3 brick and mortar locations. Mona runs her online shop through an online hosted storefront like Shopify, Webflow, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Wix, etc. Mona manages her wholesale operations through spreadsheets and the papyrus stack. Mona manages her meet-cute cafes through a digital point-of-sale terminal like Square or Toast. Mona wants the best experience for her consumers and enterprise partners, so she also uses a host of developer applications to grow her business, operate efficiently, and help her compete with the giants.

Lots of builders want businesses like Mona to win but would need to build integrations into each of her core tools in order to offer applications with an elevated experience. That is time-consuming, tedious, and challenging. Field mapping, testing, maintenance, etc. all take away from building for Mona.

That’s what Iṣọkan is built to solve. You build for Mona. We build for you. We map third-party applications into a common dictionary that feeds into our unifying commerce engine so you can easily build and launch elevated experiences that help businesses like Mona’s win at scale – with simplicity and the calm of a warm matcha latte.